Tips on Taking Medication For Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction medication works best when it are prescribed by a doctor. Depending on the cause you will be provided with different treatment options.

Oral medication has proven to be successful in treating erectile dysfunction. Low libido is one of the symptoms of this condition. Your doctor will diagnose you with erectile dysfunction if the symptoms go on for weeks or months.

Check the Possible Interaction

ed medicationEvery medication has few interactions and it is important to check before taking it. It can be worse if you are taking other drugs, make sure you tell your doctor to know how to tackle the situation.

He/she might advise taking the erectile dysfunction medication if there are no serious interactions or you finish the other medication first. Some interactions might be serious especially if you take medication for conditions like high blood pressure and HIV.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

Some unhealthy lifestyle practices can cause erectile dysfunction. According to research, 80% of men with erectile dysfunction are obese. They have a Body Mass Index (BMI) that ranges from 25-30 and over 30 doubles the chances of getting an ED.

Excessive tobacco use affects the lining of the blood vessels preventing blood circulation to the penis. Research shows that quitting smoking can improve erectile dysfunction condition. Drugs and alcohol consumption can cause emotional sensations such as stress which is among ED risk factors. Talk to your doctor about a healthy diet and keeping fit by exercising regularly.

Do Not Panic If It Doesn’t Work At First

ed problemsAll types of medication are taken in the body differently and the body might take time to react. It is often due to either physical or psychological issues which require a little help for the medication to work.

If there is no improvement, your doctor will recommend a new medication or increase the dosage. Do not at any point try and take a higher dosage without consulting with your doctor. There’s no need to panic and assume the erectile dysfunction is not treatable, eventually, the medication will work.

Take the Medication 30-60 Minutes before Sex

The medication works best after 15-30 minutes. That is when it creates effects and improves the ability to have an erection. The amount of time necessary for the medication to be active will depend on its content, diet, and personal metabolism. You can get medication with natural ingredients to check results.

The active ingredient in some medication can take up to 1hr to be active and in some people, it can take less than 30 minutes. Taking the medication immediately before having sex, might not be effective and you will be left when the drug is fully active. Always be prepared in advance, the medics will help gather your psychological support and boost your confidence.

Things to Keep in Mind When Trying Anal Play for the First Time

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When it comes to anal sex, you will hear different comments. Some people love it, while others don’t, mainly because they think that it hurts. Yes, the term may be intimidating, but you won’t really know how it feels like unless you try it, right?

In reality, anal play is a pleasurable experience as long as you and your partner know how to do it correctly. More so if you have the right toys. For sure, you will have so much fun!

Read on and learn more about the things that you need to know about anal as a first-timer.

What Makes Butt Stuff Awesome?

butt regionYou might not be aware, but there are lots of nerve endings in the anal region that are quite sensitive. And if they are stimulated properly, it could give you an amazing orgasm that you will never forget. You might end up asking for more!

For ladies, the tissue that separates the vagina and rectum is so thin that when a penis or a vibrator is inserted in the butt hole, the G-spot will still be reached. That’s one thing that makes it very pleasurable. As for guys, anal play is also a great way to stimulate the so-called P-spot, which is situated between the rectum and bladder. So as you can see, anal sex is not only meant to satisfy women. Men can also benefit from it big time.

How to Introduce Yourself to Anal Play

If it is your first time trying anal sex, it is highly recommended that you start nice and slow as that is how you can get rid of the feeling of intimidation. You have to stop thinking that it will hurt because this will only hinder the muscles from opening up for penetration. Instead, you need to relax and just go with the flow.

To start with, do a little foreplay with your partner. But if you are playing alone, you can begin stimulating the outer region of your anus using your finger or a toy. And again, it is important that you allow yourself to relax as you do this. Don’t forget to use a lubricant.

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Once you are feeling the sensation, begin inserting your toy gently. If you feel any pain, you have to stop right there. You don’t have to force yourself in deep penetration when doing it the first time.

The bottom line is, introduce yourself to this type of sexual activity slowly and as gently as possible until you get used to it.

What You Should Know About Vaginal Lubrication

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Women’s vagina produces fluid that serves to accommodate penetration during sexual activities. It is to avoid problems, such as pain and dryness. Naturally, the liquid comes when one is sexually aroused. However, not all women have a similar condition. Many of them suffer from sexual frigidity, meaning that they often fail to respond to sexual stimulation on their organs. Instead of producing a sufficient amount of liquid, they end up having penetration problems due to dryness.

It is when lubricants needed to help women with such conditions. Although some experts state that vaginal dryness is more of a psychological matter rather than physical, the products still prove to be quite a help during intercourse. There are several things to know before one starts using the products. The information below will give you a deeper insight into what vaginal lubrication is and does.

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What Is Vaginal Lubrication?

The term vaginal lubrication refers to the natural condition of a vagina. It includes naturally moist vaginal tissue that is caused by cervix fluid and secretion of Bartholin glands. These two organs play a significant role, especially during the arousal. When the vagina is stimulated, the organs work hard to secrete a fluid that people commonly call lubrication fluid. The fluid makes the vagina more ready for penetration. However, not all women are lucky to have natural lubrication. Sometimes, they need additional products to add moisture to their vaginal tissue. The artificial lubricant will help reduce the number of sexual friction during coitus to avoid pain.

When to Use Artificial Lubricants?

Several medical conditions often cause vaginal dryness, including medications, surgeries, hormonal changes, and menopause. At times like this, one should consider buying and using lubricants, especially if they still want to please their partner. Psychological matters also contribute to the condition. Those who deal with mental issues, such as stress and anxiety, often find themselves trapped in a painful sexual relationship, although it is not something that they want. Once again, artificial lubricants become matter if they still need to enjoy sex.

Types of Artificial Lubricants

There are at least three common types of artificial lubricants, and you can choose the one that works best for you. These three types include water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based lubricants. Those who suffer from infections need to use water-based products since it reduces to risk of yeast infection. However, those who suffer from severe vaginal dryness should opt to buy oil-based or silicone-based products since they are known to give extreme lubrication.

Different Ways of Preparing for Sex

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It is said that women enjoy sex more than men because in most cases they usually attach emotions. This is supported by the fact that women need more foreplay than the men when it comes to sexual intercourse. In fact, women are usually referred to as the charcoal burners while the men are referred to as the gas cooker.

What this means is that women take a longer time to be ready for sex than the men. Well, in some circumstances, spontaneous sex is the best as many women have reached orgasms. If it is not spontaneous and you are planning for the same, you will need to prepare for sex. This article highlights the different preparations that can be undertaken before sexual intercourse.


sexy lady in white lingerieWhen he has given you a date, and you are sexually attracted to him, you will need to predict what is likely to take place before, during, and after the date.

If you are anticipating sex, you will need to dress appropriately in a way that you will attract him to make the right moves. Your presentation on the date is important; you should also carry lingerie with you if you spend the night together.

Dress Appropriately

If you are going to have sex, you will need to dress appropriately. Do not wear a dress that is difficult to undress. Dresses with zippers and many buttons are not appropriate for a lady going to have sex. One of the turns on as far as sex is concerned is easy access.

He should easily access your body, and that should apply to you accessing his as well. You will need to dress with ease and comfort depending on the location of the date. If you are visiting him, dress in skinny jeans or a top that shows your cleavage; many men have a weakness when it comes to the cleavage.

Be Natural

half naked girl resting Men do not appreciate lots of makeup on their women when having sex. If you are anticipating that you are going to make love, be natural and avoid loads of makeup unless it is necessary.

Men appreciate seeing their women in their natural element when having sex. They don’t enjoy the fake eyelashes and the expensive wigs. Wear the makeup in moderation to look sexy, but do not overdo it.


Let your partner know that you want to be laid. Flirt with him through the text messages and give him hints of the same. Hold his hand gently rub it and make sure that you make physical contact with him.

Flirt with him using your eyes and lips. Think about sexy as you are staring at your partner, as he will understand what you want. You have to be as sexy as the real naked girls you watch on the porn clips. You can even start kissing him for him to understand that you mean business.


How to Achieve a Better Orgasm


Sex therapists and psychologist have been researching on the best methods of achieving or improving orgasm. The immune system is boosted by the release of endorphins and serotonin hormones. The number of men who experience orgasm is relatively high than those of women. Enhancing orgasm is one of the best ways of connecting a person to his or her partner. These hormones are also helpful in decreasing anxiety and stress.

Ramping up the foreplay

Studies that have been conducted have revealed that many couples are relying on the release of oxytocin to achieve intense orgasms. This hormone is referred to as the “love drug.” It can be produced without the need for any supplements. Some of the useful activities that trigger its production include kissing, hugging, cuddling and other boding activities. It is therefore important to make sure that you have more bonding time. Extending your foreplay session is one of the best ways of enhancing sexual performance.couple kissing


Participating in games or simple exercises is helpful boosting the production of testosterone hormone in women. This is the hormone that increases drives up libido. Plus, exercises are helpful in stimulating the flow of blood to the genital areas, lifting one’s mood and increasing desire.

Turning up the heat

Taking a hot bath before sex is highly recommended. Alternatively, a warm washcloth can be placed over the vulva especially for those individuals who are short on time. This heat will boost the flow of blood to the vagina thereby leading to increased sensitivity and lubrication.

Trying the tantric methods

Tantric instructors have proven that the power of the breath is useful in slowing down the mind as well as making it hypersensitive to sensations. This powerful should always be harnessed. You can enjoy orgasm by rocking and breathing together. This should be followed by tightening of the PC muscles.

Recharging your batteries

It has been proven that vibrators can help women in reaching orgasm during sex. Women who are tech-friendly are advised to use vibrating “bullets.” These are small, gadgets that can easily fit in your pocket. Some of the recommended vibrators include Eva and We-Vibe.vibrator

Striking at the optimal moments

The testosterone hormone is usually very high during the first few days of the cycles. This is the period when the breast and clitoris become ultra-sensitive. Additionally, it is also characterized by soaring of libido. Intense orgasm can happen more easily during these moments. This can also be done by timing sex in the morning when the testosterone level is very high in men.