Things to Keep in Mind When Trying Anal Play for the First Time

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When it comes to anal sex, you will hear different comments. Some people love it, while others don’t, mainly because they think that it hurts. Yes, the term may be intimidating, but you won’t really know how it feels like unless you try it, right?

In reality, anal play is a pleasurable experience as long as you and your partner know how to do it correctly. More so if you have the right toys. For sure, you will have so much fun!

Read on and learn more about the things that you need to know about anal as a first-timer.

What Makes Butt Stuff Awesome?

butt regionYou might not be aware, but there are lots of nerve endings in the anal region that are quite sensitive. And if they are stimulated properly, it could give you an amazing orgasm that you will never forget. You might end up asking for more!

For ladies, the tissue that separates the vagina and rectum is so thin that when a penis or a vibrator is inserted in the butt hole, the G-spot will still be reached. That’s one thing that makes it very pleasurable. As for guys, anal play is also a great way to stimulate the so-called P-spot, which is situated between the rectum and bladder. So as you can see, anal sex is not only meant to satisfy women. Men can also benefit from it big time.

How to Introduce Yourself to Anal Play

If it is your first time trying anal sex, it is highly recommended that you start nice and slow as that is how you can get rid of the feeling of intimidation. You have to stop thinking that it will hurt because this will only hinder the muscles from opening up for penetration. Instead, you need to relax and just go with the flow.

To start with, do a little foreplay with your partner. But if you are playing alone, you can begin stimulating the outer region of your anus using your finger or a toy. And again, it is important that you allow yourself to relax as you do this. Don’t forget to use a lubricant.

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Once you are feeling the sensation, begin inserting your toy gently. If you feel any pain, you have to stop right there. You don’t have to force yourself in deep penetration when doing it the first time.

The bottom line is, introduce yourself to this type of sexual activity slowly and as gently as possible until you get used to it.