Tips on Taking Medication For Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction medication works best when it are prescribed by a doctor. Depending on the cause you will be provided with different treatment options.

Oral medication has proven to be successful in treating erectile dysfunction. Low libido is one of the symptoms of this condition. Your doctor will diagnose you with erectile dysfunction if the symptoms go on for weeks or months.

Check the Possible Interaction

ed medicationEvery medication has few interactions and it is important to check before taking it. It can be worse if you are taking other drugs, make sure you tell your doctor to know how to tackle the situation.

He/she might advise taking the erectile dysfunction medication if there are no serious interactions or you finish the other medication first. Some interactions might be serious especially if you take medication for conditions like high blood pressure and HIV.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

Some unhealthy lifestyle practices can cause erectile dysfunction. According to research, 80% of men with erectile dysfunction are obese. They have a Body Mass Index (BMI) that ranges from 25-30 and over 30 doubles the chances of getting an ED.

Excessive tobacco use affects the lining of the blood vessels preventing blood circulation to the penis. Research shows that quitting smoking can improve erectile dysfunction condition. Drugs and alcohol consumption can cause emotional sensations such as stress which is among ED risk factors. Talk to your doctor about a healthy diet and keeping fit by exercising regularly.

Do Not Panic If It Doesn’t Work At First

ed problemsAll types of medication are taken in the body differently and the body might take time to react. It is often due to either physical or psychological issues which require a little help for the medication to work.

If there is no improvement, your doctor will recommend a new medication or increase the dosage. Do not at any point try and take a higher dosage without consulting with your doctor. There’s no need to panic and assume the erectile dysfunction is not treatable, eventually, the medication will work.

Take the Medication 30-60 Minutes before Sex

The medication works best after 15-30 minutes. That is when it creates effects and improves the ability to have an erection. The amount of time necessary for the medication to be active will depend on its content, diet, and personal metabolism. You can get medication with natural ingredients to check results.

The active ingredient in some medication can take up to 1hr to be active and in some people, it can take less than 30 minutes. Taking the medication immediately before having sex, might not be effective and you will be left when the drug is fully active. Always be prepared in advance, the medics will help gather your psychological support and boost your confidence.

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